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Comprehensive raw material stockyard of Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel Co., Ltd

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July 27 th, 2011, Tidfore and Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel signed the contract of the 5 million-ton coke and coal upgrading project. It is the first large general contracting project of Tidfore ever since its establishment.

Covering an area of 198,000 square meters, the comprehensive raw material stockyard project of Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel Co., Ltd is built in two phases. The investment in the first phase is 400 million Yuan, including a 90,000 square-meters coke stockyard and an 8,200 square-meters raw coal yard.

After two years and 4 months hard work, on November 24 th, 2013, the project was finished and delivered to the customer successfully.The project realizes one-stop service from design, civil engineering and equipment purchasing to installation and delivery, which has opened a new page in Tidfore—— s development.