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Bio, the President of Sierra Leone, Met with Zhang Yong, the Chairman of Tidfore Group



On May 9, local time, at the invitation of the Executive Office of the President of Sierra Leone, Zhang Yong, the Chairman of Tidfore Group, visited Julius Maada Bio, the new President of Sierra Leone. Both sides held several rounds of talks on the Freetown Port Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Sierra Leone, and on further strengthening strategic cooperation.

President Bio welcomed the arrival of Mr. Zhang Yong and praised Tidfore's active involvement in the economic construction of Sierra Leone. He said, the Freetown Port Reconstruction and Expansion Project which Tidfore is undertaking, is a strategic priority for the Sierra Leone government and has far-reaching significance for developing Sierra Leone's economy and enhancing its competitiveness.

Mr. Zhang Yong extended his sincere congratulations and best wishes to Bio on his election as the new president of Sierra Leone. He said Tidfore is working hard to boost its Freetown Port Reconstruction and Expansion Project efficiently and qualitatively, and to build it into a model port project in West Africa, proving Tidfore's strength and good faith in cooperation. Mr. Zhang Yong said that Tidfore is willing to dig deep into the Sierra Leone market and actively participate in the infrastructure construction, intelligent industrial park construction and energy projects of Sierra Leone. In the near future, a research team of experts on electricity and other fields will be sent to conduct an in-depth research on the energy situation in Sierra Leone and formulate detailed plans based on the actual situation, so as to improve the current situation of electricity shortage in Sierra Leone and create a better living environment for the people of Sierra Leone. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang Yong expressed the hope that President Bio will give Tidfore more support.

Mr. Bio pledged his full support for the Freetown Port Reconstruction and Expansion Project, and demanded the relevant government departments to actively cooperate with Tidfore’s work. At the same time, he expressed the hope that Tidfore will be more involved in electric power project and more other projects in Sierra Leone, so as to lay a good foundation for Sino-Sierra Leonean friendship, economic cooperation and future cooperation between Tidfore and the Sierra Leone government.

On the same day, Sierra Leone's transport minister, finance minister and other cabinet members, as well as representatives of the Sierra Leone parliament's relevant caucuses, met with Mr. Zhang Yong separately. All of them said they would actively create conditions for the construction of Tidfore’s projects in Sierra Leone.

During the period, Mr. Zhang Yong and his party also made an official visit to the Chinese Ambassador and Counsellor in Sierra Leone, and had a communication and exchange on the project. They appreciated Tidfore of its active participation in the economic construction of Sierra Leone and its implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, and said they will give strong support for the projects of Tidfore in Sierra Leone.

The Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Elizabeth II Port in Freetown of Sierra Leone is one of the 23 outcomes of 2015 Jobourg Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum. At the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation in December 2015, with the witness of President Xi Jinping, Tidfore Group signed a cooeration agreement with the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The project is an important achievement of Tidfore’s implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and the 'Going out' strategy. Meanwhile, it is also the general contracting business of port engineering construction undertaken by Tidfore, which involves port design, engineering construction and related equipment and mainly includes the expansion and construction of wharf and container, storage yard and so on.