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Tidfore Successfully Passed the ISO3834 Certification and the Annual Review of EU CE Certification of Steelwork



On May 11, Tidfore gained the ISO3834 Certification issued by EU Notified Body, to promote the USA Florida Bridge Erection Machine Project signed between Tidfore and Wuhan Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. The field certification review was conducted on April 16-18 and the review of EU CE Certification (EN1090) will be conducted simultaneously.


ISO3834 Certification is an authoritative standard approved by the International Welding System; CE (CE1090) Certification is also the authoritative standard for the welding of steelwork. They are integrated to evaluate enterprises of their capacity of welding production & quality management.


In the course of qualification application and annual review, with the coordination of the Quality Management Department of Tidfore and its Quality Management Office of Research Institute, together with the cooperation among each related departments, the software and hardware items were all straightened out as per the documents of ISO3834 and CE (CN1090). The application materials were carefully prepared, and we finally passed the strict evaluations in the stages of preliminary review and final review and identified the product conformity declaration and the usage specification of “CE” mark through signing the usage agreement of the certification.


Acquirement of ISO3834 Certification represents the welding quality control of Tidfore will get the approval from the main countries and districts in the world and enables our company to be more competitive in the international market and easier to get high-quality overseas orders.