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TIDFORE Overseas signed a contract with the USA's SPS in Kinshasa for the construction of 2,000 residential units in the DRC capital



In Kinshasa on Wednesday, TIDFORE Overseas and Soft Power Solutions of the USA signed a contract for the construction of 2,000 residential units and related infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of the Congo capital. DRC, as the second-largest country in Africa, has a population of around 78 million, and a consequent demand for housing.

Following several rounds of bilateral talks with SPS to agree the terms of the contract, this marks not only a new step along the Belt And Road for TIDFORE, but also opens up a new avenue in the field of residential infrastructural technologies.

The contract was signed by Zhang Guoyan, Deputy General Manager of TIDFORE Overseas, and Ronald J Hubbard, Executive Director of SPS, with TIDFORE Overseas Senior Manager Matthew, and Business Managers Zhang Peng and Li Haozheng also participating in the ceremony.